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The opinions of our customers.

Hi Richard,
I just wanted to let you know how satisfied I am with the two flaccid silicone penises I bought earlier this year. I meant to write you when I received them but life has been busy. In any case, I couldn't be happier with my purchase, and i can't wait to order more from you guys.
Hope you and your company, loved ones are staying safe in these tough times.
Best regards,

Hi Richard,
First I wanted to say thank you for the excellent prosthetic that you made.  I received it and was extremely impressed with the quality and realistic look and feel.  I am very happy with the prosthetic!
I was so happy with it, I am thinking about ordering 2 more from you.  I wanted to ask you, do you offer any special pricing if I order 2 more at the same time?  One flacid and one erect prothetic (also ordering the harness for the erect one).
Thank you again for your quality work and your fast responses.
Have a great afternoon!
Kind regards,

#Happy customer
i ordered mine 18cm with moving skin and i must say i am still impressed. Its just a pure work of art, very realistic. And most important it works and feels as a real thing to a woman. NO OTHER sleeve does the job. If you want the real thing please order from here! It really is what they say it is. I can say that i did not belive it first but now i am a true beliver. When you buy the erect one, then only with moving skin, it is the closest to a real thing you can go. My advice is before using it drop it to a glass of hot water :) Thank you Richard, will soon buy another one from you. Only 1 suggestion please use DHL instead of FEDEX.

# R.
Dear Richard,Just to give you feedback having now used the 12” prosthetic penis for a few sessions - all. I can say is you were right, it’s very exciting to use, very realistic in every way ! It feels great wearing it as it looks so real and although I can’t feel my wife through it that doesn’t matter as my penis is massaged by the prosthetic which feels quite intense as it tight on me, in fact I ordered it with a shallower hole than my own penis thinking I might not be fully erect from loss of sensation but I was wrong  - it feels so good it makes my cum so I should have asked for it with more room for me... the wife loves it, it literally had her screaming with pleasure as it fills her right up - it’s like a fantasy in size with its 12” shaft. We are going to order a thicker one that’s a little shorter as she can’t quite take all of me but can manage about 9.5” so it will be even more fulfilling to thrust completely inside her. Can’t thank you enough for such an amazing looking and feeling made it a little stiffer on the shaft and soft at the tip just as I asked and it works a treat - your an artist !
Thank you - R. - UK.

# Travis
Richard, I received my prosthetic and the wife loves it, she thinks its a tad big but is amazed at the realism. She thinks it the most realistic feeling out of our other toys. Thanks again..

# Mr. Merin.
Hello Mr, Richard:
Thank you for all what you do for us!
Your customer  service is great! you really care about us, that is very good of you.
Sending you a Ginourmous Thanks!
Greetings from Astoria, Oregon, USA.

Hi Richard
I received the package today. Everything looks to be in great order. A real quality product!  Thanks again for your communication and customizations.
Kind regards

Hi Richard,  I've just receive my penis prosthetic. It's incredible. In fact, I don't really imagine it will be so big. I'm sure I could have very funny and sensitive experiences.  Thank you very much, you are an artiste.

Hi Richard,
It works great!!!  Thank you very, very much! You have an EXCELLENT product and you provide SUPERIOR customer service.
Buying from you has been an a real pleasure.
Best Regards,

Hi, I received my product on time right down to the time, I was very impressed with the quality and life-like appearance and feel of my product, just wanted to say that I'm very pleased,
Thank you

Hi Richard,
It is great, thanks to your excellent creativity and workmanship.
Thank you,

Thank you for my penis product. My wife and are very pleased with your quality product, speedy delivery and your patience in its design. You have changed our intamacy to a new level.

Richard. My package arrived at my home in Greer, SC perfectly on schedule by FEDEX.
I opened it immediately and must compliment you on the art, craft, and care that went into making  my prosthetic penis.  It does look like me in years ago before my prostate surgery.
Although we have never met,  I consider you a respected friend.
If I can ever help you in the United States, let me know. Your produce is needed for any man that has lost his ability to function with his wife by accident or surgery.  I think that it will allow us to feel like "MEN" again.

Hello Richard.
We received both penises and they are awesome. You may be hearing from me soon. We are very happy.
Thank you. Trey

Hey Richard
Been meaning to get back to you on my order.
Its another awesome piece of work by you,again,naturally...and it does look realistically natural.
I have a good selection in my collection 😊 now guaranteed to make "some" woman roll her eyes -in the good way.
Thank you again for you quality work and service.

Good morning Richard,
I would really like to thank you a lot for the penis you made for me.
It looks amazing! I am impressed in how really realistic looks like and how the silicon feel.
The band around the testicle it feels ok, it's tight enough to keep the penis attach enough to my body and the skin color is just a bit lighter than mine.
I would like to thank you as well for you patient and all your support before my order.
I am really happy for my purchase and you also made extremely happy my girlfriend who already love the penis.
In the case I need another product like this I would defently contact you again.
I wish you good luck

the package arrived today. It looks pretty good ! Very good work.
Thank you very much.
Have a nice week.

Hello, I really live your work! Your customer service is great as well! Thank you for all you do.

Richard,received package yesterday-contents intact.
I am happy-again- with the quality of workmanship.
Thank you.

My penis arrived today.  Good work, this may be my favorite that I have now.
Thank you,

18.3.2018 Received package.
Very pleased.
Price of product reflects the quality and artistic talent.
I'm sure-almost eager i will order one or two more items in future.
Thank you-

Hi Richard
I received the product and it is awesome! Very realistic and super good fit/comfortable!

Richard, Just wanted to say thanks again for the service and let you know that FedEx got it here in three days if you can believe that! Speaking of unbelievable, I couldn’t be happier with both the look and feel of my new “toy”…and my wife gives it two thumbs up as well.
We’ll speak again,

Hi Richard,
Just a note to confirm that I did receive the new penis.  FedEx did a much better job delivering the new one.  After using it, I must say that this is your best work yet!  You are an artist who has perfected his craft.  The movable skin is so realistic and the size and feel is perfect!  Thanks again Richard!

Bonjour Richard. çà va bien j'ai reçu le colis tu as bien travaillé. félicitation. je vais bientôt te commande un autre penis 18 cm ou 20cm je vais réfléchir beau travail Richard. à bientôt passe de beau jour

Hello Richard, need to say i have the Penis a while and it makes a lot of fun it looks awesome and my girlfriend love it too. U did a great work.

coool. Today I got the package. Really great work. Thanks

Congratulations Richard, Perfect to order. You command very well. You're very good at what you do. Congratulations!!

Hello, and happy New Years. I was just wondering if you got any new prosthesis that are new.  I love the new moveable skin prosthesis, it is a work of genius. Let me know if there is anything hew.

happy New Year 2018. Today ur package arrived and i must say wow u did a awsome work thank u!

Hi Richard,
Wanted to let you know how much I am pleased with the Model 1021 with movable skin.
It is a work of art!!!!  
Movement of the skin adds a whole new level of realistic look and feel.  It is truly amazing!!

I have received my prosthetic and it is awesome. Perfect feel and craftsmanship.  Again good work on these products very impressive. And the wife also enjoyed

Hello Richard,
I am very pleased with the flaccid prosthetic. Great softness/firmness! If possible I will order a
FLACCID version (including strap-on) of the code 1014 and code 1019. Some shades/tones to the skin and glans would make your prosthetics perfect/class leading! Again great work.
Best regards

Richard, I just want to reach out and tell you how wonderful my dildo is! I bought 1019 and it saved my marriage. It feels fantastic and gives me the full feeling My pussy needed. Thanks, Veronica

Hi Richard!
Glad that you always double check and make me aware of new products and changes.  I very much appreciate your willingness and efforts to make these to my specifications which is why I am a frequent customer! 😄
Thanks again Richard!
I have ceased buying other inferior penis prosthetic products! Yours are by far the best!!

I bought had three penises, and it's amazing. I am looking forward to the next. Thank you, Richard

I like your offer. I'll order next week.

Quality product and fast delivery. Really great. Thanks

Richard, thanks for the great dildo. It is simply beautiful. Very pleasant feeling in .......

Just got the 20 inch prosthetic. It is amazing!! Super soft and life like. Thanks Richard!!!!

I just wanted to comment that the craftsmanship on those things are amazing. I have browsed for quite a while to find the best looking prosthetic penis and when I saw your work, I knew I could count on you to deliver a superior product compared to all other sources.
I really do appreciate all that you have done and the artwork put behind it.

Richard, Yes. I am excited to receive the penis prosthetic #1010, the 8 inches length.   Internal measures 13cm circumference and 13cm length for soft penis insertion placement.   Maybe this one will not slide out of the holding strap keeping it in place against the body.  You have the best, realistic, color, texture, feeling penis prosthetic.  Thank you.  Daniel

Hi, I bought your prosthetic penis and it is really beautiful. The package arrived in 8 days. Everything was discreet. I am really happy. Thanks.

I want to thank Richard for a very nice penis. Production was very fast and the penis is great. Very good communication. I recommend to all.

# Mark
Along with a perfect product, the communication between ordering and question emails I had was sharp and timely.  I've never had such an easy transaction and/or fast delivery like this! I will definitely recommend you to whomever  I can. Thank you so much.

# karl
Hi, thank you for quick dispatch. Penis is perfect. It's super.
Thanks. Karl

# Robert
penis came in 8 days. I'm very satisfied. Women too: o)

# James
as I've already written. Maximum satisfaction. Fast production, fast shipment, good money and good communication.

Oui, beaucoup.
Je suis très heureux.
Il devrait être plus si bonne compagnie.
Nous vous remercions de communiquer un beau produit.
Passez une bonne journée.

# Dennis
thank you very much. Great product. I use it often. It's a pleasure. My wife is also excited. I am very glad I found you. Good luck.

# jayce
Thanks for the great penis. It's very interesting and I'm excited. I did not know it could be so good.
Really thanks. Jayce

# Jeff
First, I did not have the courage to buy a prosthetic penis, but now I'm really happy to have it. Thanks.

# Owen
Thank you for a great product. Shipping was really fast and the quality of the penis is nice. Definitely buy another.

# Guy
Yes, I am also very happy. I recommend this company. Very serious negotiations and a quality product.

# Kurt
Ich muss zustimmen. Ausgezeichnetes Produkt, gute Kommunikation und Geschwindigkeit.
Es ist toll, den Auftrag so schnell zu bekommen.
Danke. Kurt D.

# Ivar
dank u voor uw product. Ik was aangenaam verrast. Ik heb lang geaarzeld om een prothese penis te kopen. Nu ben ik gelukkig. Na een lange tijd, weer de juiste beslissing: o).
Penis grootte is goed. Gevoelens zijn ook leuk. Jammer dat de natuur gaf me meer: o)).
Maar nu heb ik een prothese penis een goede grootte. Groeten aan Bohemen.

# KF
a really good job. thanks. KF

# Radim
I ordered a penis code 1012, and it is wonderful. Shipping to Poland just in two days. Great. Thank you for good communication and fast production. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017.

# Pavel
děkuji za rychlé vyřízení a odeslání. Penis přišel v pořádku, Je opravdu velmi pěkný. Těším se až ho vyzkouším. Díky.

# M.P.
"I am writing to thank you for your exceptional product. Our lovemaking has been elevated to a new level of intimacy. Thank you very much.

# Ch.K.
I hope their year has started well!
I would like to tell you my opinion about the product.
I am very satisfied with quality, optics and realistic feeling, it is perfect.

#Hello Richard,
Received penis yesterday and very pleased with the quality, color and appearance.  Going to place my next order possibly today.

#Hi, today I got the shipment. Penis is wonderful. Thank you very much.

#I bought two prosthetic penises, and I am very happy. Very good job. Perfect. Thanks. Rob

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