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Production prosthetic penis.

All our manufactured penis prostheses are customized for easy to use.

Choose the model and size. Tell us the your size of the erect penis. Production will penis prosthesis exactly according to your size. Prosthetic penis skin color customize your skin color.

Everything is confidential and private!
Production prosthetic penis takes 10 days.
Shipments we are sending around the world.

Size enlargement penis
realistic penis prosthetic
Size realistic penis prosthetic

Penis Enlargement - penis prosthetics.

It is fully functioning, extremely , and it is an actual extension of your natural anatomy . The feeling of manhood has never been so enhanced!
The skin penis prosthetics is smooth to the touch and the entire feels like flesh. This enhances the realism and comfortability while it is attached your .
Extension penis prosthetics provide motion and emotion. Now you and your partner can enjoy every time you use it. Made from 100% safe medical silicone. Very realistic feeling and looking is this penis prosthetics very beautiful. Our prosthetic penis is the perfect extension and penis . Do you want to be happy every day of your life?  Order our prosthetic penis to extend and enlarge the penis. Your penis is huge and your penis prosthetics, will change your life. Nowhere else can not buy so realistic penis prosthetics, which increases and extends your penis.

Here is a gallery of our products:

1. Flaccid penis prosthetic


2. Erect penis prosthetic

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Videos of our products

Penis code 1028 with moving skin
Penis code 1021 with moving skin
Manual for the penis

Instructions to purchase a prosthetic penis
Please note, when you make purchase, please make sure that everything you understand correctly. All our products are handmade, specially commissioned or personalized goods. Production process time is 10 days. If you have any question, please feel free to ask:

Production process Store a prosthetic penis

10 days + delivery time. The shipment is sent with FedEx courier - air transport.
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