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Flaccid prosthetic penis code 1004

Size: long 17 centimetre (6,7 inch)
Circumference 13 cm (5,1 inch)
Diameter 4 cm ( 1,57 inch)
Made from 100% safe very soft medical silicone.
Very realistic feeling and looking.
Color: European
Note: Strap-on is part of the penis.

This flaccid prosthetic penis is made of very soft silicone.
It is designed to be worn under clothing.
It is not designed for intercourse.
It has a standard 10 cm (4 inch) long inner hole.
The strap is part of the penis.

Enlargement penis prosthetic
Enlargement penis prosthetic
Enlargement penis prosthetic
Enlargement penis prosthetic

Big realistic penis prosthetic

This new prosthetic penis will be your frequent sex aids in your life. Women love a big penis. Our prosthetic penis you can wear all the time. Put your pants on and see monstrous bulge in your pants. This will be your new big prosthetic penis. Each woman will look on your big bulge in your pants. You'll be the star of all women. You know if you see a man with a big bulge, so your eyes will look only at the bulge in his pants. It's like magic bump!
Now you will have a magical giant bulge in your pants.

Everything is confidential and private!

Production prosthetic penis takes 7 days!!

The shipment is sent by FedEx courier.

Delivery - FedEx courier - delivery 3 - 7 days - price 60 USD - worldwide

Shipments we are sending around the world.

Buying prosthetic penis is completely discreet. We send package as a gift from a private address.

You can buy this penis here:  Penis-on-sale
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