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Big realistic penis prosthetic

Enjoy great sex with a realistic prosthetic penis.

That wonderful feeling a very big penis, that you may have. Your partner will be thrilled by the real sense of prosthetic penis. You will experience the beautiful feeling of this satisfaction. Spice up your sexual life. Forget the sexual stereotype. This new prosthetic penis will be your frequent sex aids in your life. Women love a big penis. Our prosthetic penis you can wear all the time. Put your pants on and see monstrous bulge in your pants. This will be your new big prosthetic penis. Each woman will look on your big bulge in your pants. You'll be the star of all women. You know if you see a man with a big bulge, so your eyes will look only at the bulge in his pants. It's like magic bump!
Now you will have a magical giant bulge in your pants. Choose some of our prosthetic penises.

Big penis prosthetic. Size - 18cm to 50cm ( 7" to 20")

Extension provide motion and emotion. Very realistic feeling and looking.
Production prosthetic penis takes 1 week!!
Shipments we are sending around the world.

penis prosthetic
penis prosthetic
penis prosthetic
penis prosthetic
big penis prosthetic
penis prosthetic
monster penis prosthetic

It is a full of functioning, extremely realistic, and it is an actual extension of your natural anatomy penis. The feeling of manhood has never been so enhanced!
The skin penis prosthetics is smooth to the touch and the entire prosthetic feels like flesh. This enhances the realism and comfortability while it is attached your penis prosthetics.
Extension penis prosthetics provide motion and emotion. Now you and your partner can enjoy every time you use it. Made from 100% safe medical silicone. Very realistic feeling and looking make this penis prosthetics very beautiful. Our prosthetic penis is the perfect extension and penis enlargement. Do you want to be happy every day of your life? Order our prosthetic penis to extend and enlarge the penis. Your penis is huge and your penis prosthetics, will change your life. Nowhere else can not buy so realistic penis prosthetics, which increases and extends your penis.
Order these prosthetic penis and fulfill your dreams of a big extension and penis enlargement.

New - flaccid prosthetic penis 18 cm - 7 inch
Made from 100% safe very soft medical silicone.

flaccid prosthetic penis

Prosthetic penis = penis enlargement = big realistic penis

Made from 100% safe medical silicone. Very realistic feeling and looking.

Each product is hand made in the Czech republik which means there is no machinery. The molds are prepared by skilled technicians, the material is mixed and injected into the molds, and the cured product is hand painted by top of the line skin safe medical grade platinum silicone paints then packaged individually.

Why do we use silicone?

Silicone is the safest soft material on the market that has unbelievable fleshlike qualities and incredible strength. It has no pores to hold bacteria, and is hypoallergenic, hygienic, easy to clean,can be boiled and incredibly durable. Silicone is also safe for latex-sensitive people. Silicone warms and holds body temperature. Do not be fooled, this product is made from 100% high-cost platinum-cure silicones used by Hollywood artists, and other medical prosthetic companies. Please note Silicones are high-strength, but can tear so please care for the material by washing after use and not abusing the toy so your product will last you for years. Prosthetic penis are made of silicone, which is specially designed for production-quality prosthetics from American manufacturers. We use only the best and most expensive materials, so we had the best quality products.

Prosthetic erect penis dildo - for women
Size - 20cm to 50cm ( 7" to 20")
dildo penis prosthetic
dildo penis prosthetic
dildo penis prosthetic
dildo penis prosthetic
dildo penis prosthetic

Instructions to purchase a prosthetic penis
Please note, when you make purchase, please make sure that everything you understand correctly. All our products are handmade, specially commissioned or personalized goods. Production process time is 1 weeks. If you have any question, please feel free to ask:

Production process Store a prosthetic penis
1 weeks + delivery time. The shipment is sent by post priority - air transport.

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